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About Mayapple Native

Earth-Centered Land Care for Lancaster, Penna

Our Story

Mayapple Was Born of Love.

Conservation landscaping is, of course, what we do; but underneath its shell, Mayapple Native is fueled by a desire to do right by our wildlife, our land, and our people -- at every step.


Whether that requires the use of battery-operated tools, recycling waste materials, or installing only plants that are locally sourced, grown, and adapted to our specific region: The sustainability of a healthy future lies in our hands, and it is with this great responsibility that we offer our conservation landscaping services to you.

With his years of experience gardening, landscaping,

performing arboriculture care, volunteering time conserving

National Parks, farming organically across the country, and studying human ecology at the #1 Green College in America, Morgan Hildebrecht started Mayapple out of a love for this land and his family. With an uncertain future facing us all, it was time to take action to reverse the harm we have done; and luckily, Mother Nature knows the best way.


If you are looking for a thoughtful approach to landcare, Mayapple Native Landscaping takes Mother Nature's approach to all the work we perform; whether that be designing and installing rainwater BMP's, curating centerpiece pollinator gardens, or performing large-scale invasive removals and reforestation installations.  

With our entire team truly invested in the big picture of

designing and installing regenerative eco-systems, while co-creating

with Lancaster's local biomes, Mayapple Native hopes to

become forerunners for sustainability in the local community –– collaborating with our nonprofit and enterprising partners to contribute to a healthier planet. 

Employee Ethics

Our Employment Promise

Here at Mayapple Native, we promise to take a human-centered approach when it comes to employment. It is not radical to provide our team with work/life balance–including fair pay, unemployment in the off season, shorter days, reasonable weekly hours, and flexible time off to tend to life and family matters.

We believe that a happier team leads to happier clients, and for that reason, caring for the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health of our employees is top priority. That is our pledge.


About the Mayapple Plant



Podophyllum peltatum, North America

Mayapples are possibly one of the most misunderstood native plants in Pennsylvania. Despite the fact that it seems to cover so many of our forest floors, it is rarely identified as an important or interesting plant.


But we couldn't be more intrigued by what the mayapple has to offer. This herbaceous perennial is commonly thought to be toxic–though few know that it was used sparingly by indigenous elders for medicinal purposes, and the "Podophyllotoxin" it contains is used in some prescription drugs.

This is not to mention that there is a brief period that its "apples" are actually edible; with some reporting its flavor to be close to a mango, grape, or pineapple!

Fun fact: the mayapple plant is also known as “Witch’s Umbrella”, and there is ample folklore about faeries, elves, and gnomes building communities and tending to their homes under their leaves!

Our Native Plant Partners

(Bainbridge, Pennsylvania)

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

(Orefield, Pennsylvania)

(Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Recycled Paper

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